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Justin Amash for U.S. Congress – Michigan CD-3

Justin Amash for U.S. Congress - Michigan CD-3Justin Amash has been a leading critic of the unconstitutional war in Libya, the indefinite detention provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, and the Stop Online Piracy ActÑSOPA. When asked by a New York Times reporter to describe his voting methodology, Justin explained: “I follow a set of principles, I follow the Constitution. And that’s what I base my votes on. Limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty!” CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Kerry Bentivolio for U.S. Congress – Michigan CD-11

Kerry Bentivolio for U.S. Congress – Michigan CD-11Kerry Bentivolio recognizes that our current system of government and our financial system are broken. They are broken because the rule of law and many of our rights, which are supposed to be guaranteed by our Constitution, have been lost. The “little guy” has lost his voice because it has been drowned out by moneyed interests, be they banks or other industry. Kerry Bentivolio intends to put the common man’s voice back into our government and for it to be on equal footing with that of those who wield big money. This is what our founders intended. Help Kerry return government power to the people! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate – Minnesota

Kurt Bills is running because he cannot just stand by while our national debt continues to rise as the purchasing power of our wages slowly decline… as the federal government takes over our healthcare system… and all at the expense of the families and mainstream businesses of Minnesota. Kurt is running against the big-government Democrat Amy Klobuchar, wno was a co-sponsor for the CISPA/PIPA legislation which would give the government the ability to shut down whatever website it wanted to on a whim. We need to elect Kurt Bills — and send a STRONG anti-big-government message to Washington, D.C.! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Jessica Puente Bradshaw for U.S. Congress – Texas CD-34

Jessica Puente Bradshaw for U.S. Congress - Texas CD-34Jessica Puente Bradshaw is strongly pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-Constitution, while being vehemently anti-Big Government and anti-Big Spending. Her Tea Party credentials are rock solid, and her background makes her uniquely suited to well represent all of her constituents in Texas’ 34th Congressional District. As a first generation American, Jessica understands that people come to the United States for opportunity and freedom. She believes that personal liberties and freedom go beyond party lines, but constant and consistent legislation from both sides strips us of our freedoms. Jessica Puente Bradshaw will always use the principles and values, as outlined by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the measure for legislative decisions! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

John Brunner for U.S. Senate – Missouri

John Brunner for U.S. Senate - MissouriJohn Brunner supports a strict constructionist interpretation of our Constitution. Much of what has gone wrong in recent years can be laid to a fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government as outlined in Constitution. John believes our Founders left us the best framework for self-government in human history. He will support judicial nominees who will interpret law as it is written, not as they want it to be, and he will oppose any judicial nominees who will attempt to use their position to legislate a liberal agenda. John Brunner is a true constitutional conservative running to cut spending, balance the budget, and restore the American Dream! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Art Coday for U.S. Senate – Washington

Art Coday for U.S. Senate – WashingtonArt Coday has been active in politics since 2004 when he challenged the constitutionality of certain Washington State election laws in court. He wants to be Washington’s next United States Senator in order to secure a bright and promising future for all of us. Art believes that government must become smaller, less expensive, more effective and more accountable to you. The critical first step is for Congress to cut its own pay, a prime example of what Art Coday means by leadership! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate – Texas

Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate – TexasTed Cruz will be a leader in the fight to restore individual liberty, free markets, and sound money in America. He understands monetary policy and is fully committed to passing AUDIT THE FED legislation. He he is strongly opposed to the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens under the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and he will fight to overturn this gross violation of our liberties. Ted is also an opponent of the TSA, and he will work to abolish this out-of-control federal agency. And finally, Ted is a firm believer in American sovereignty — and will never support or vote for ceding our rights to the United Nations! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

John Dennis for U.S. Congress – California CD-12

John Dennis for U.S. Congress – California CD-12John Dennis believes that the Constitution should be executed as it reads. It is not a “living” document, a concept which makes the Constitution devoid of meaning. This position is the only one that will work in the long-run economically and politically. If you want someone to introduce NANCY PELOSI to the Constitution — and DEFEAT her in the process — then sign on in support! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Roger Fitzpatrick for U.S. Congress – Georgia CD-9

Roger Fitzpatrick for U.S. Congress - Georgia CD-9Roger Fitzpatrick stands for the sanctity of human life, a Balanced Budget Amendment, religious liberty, shrinking the size of government, ending the Federal Reserve, repealing Obamacare, legal immigration, the original intent of the U.S. Constitution, the sovereignty of the United States, and term limits for Members of Congress. Help Roger Fitzpatrick spread the message about what we need to do to restore this country to its greatness! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Travis Grantham for U.S. Congress – Arizona CD-9

Travis Grantham for U.S. Congress - Arizona CD-9Travis Grantham was born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ. A third generation Arizonan, Travis has always had a strong sense of service to his state and country. He understands that expanding individual economic opportunities starts with cutting our debt, reducing taxes and controlling government spending. He, too, has heard the discontent and he has seen the hardships so many of our families and friends are experiencing. Travis Grantham will fight against any law that will further increase government regulation or threaten our economic growth! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Jason Greene for U.S. Congress – Missouri CD-5

Jason Greene for U.S. Congress - Missouri CD-5Jason Greene supports a sound economic growth and pro-liberty message. Many of the convictions I hold not only resonate with Conservative voters, but Independents and Democrats as well. We need a candidate who understands what has created and prolonged this recession and who will create jobs now. We need a candidate who is willing to fight the establishment in both parties, to do what is right for the American people. We need a candidate who can challenge the Federal ReserveÕs attack on our dollar and make it strong again. We need a candidate who wonÕt blindly support nation building operations abroad. We need a candidate who will have the constitution guide legislation, and who will stand up for our civil liberties. We need a candidate who will not only walk the suburbs and rural regions but the urban core. We deserve this type of candidate; and Jason Greene is the right man for the job! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Dan Halloran for U.S. Congress – New York CD-6

Dan Halloran for U.S. Congress - New York CD-6Dan Halloran is a former small business owner. He knows what it takes to get people back to work. We need to cut taxes on middle-class people and cut the regulations that make it so difficult to start a business and make payroll. From fees to overticketing, the federal and local governments have stymied the efforts of countless Americans to get our economy back on track. In Washington, Dan Halloran will fight for the small business owners and job creators by cutting taxes and fees, balancing our budget, and promoting the pro-growth policies that made America the world’s leading economy. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Robyn Hamlin for U.S. Congress – Missouri CD-1

Robyn Hamlin for U.S. Congress - Missouri CD-1Robyn Hamlin is a Constitutional Conservative and will not vote for a bill unless it is good for the Republic, is good for Missouri, has an explicit reference to the constitutional authority that underpins it and is concise enough that it can be read in one sitting. When we demanded that our representatives followed the rule of law, we were a prosperous nation. We now have a two-party system that does not adequately represent the average citizen. Many people are claiming neither party as their own and are now voting independently. They don’t care about the political parties. They want a representative who cares about them and their district. Robyn Hamlin can be that Representative! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

David Hancock for U.S. Congress – Georgia CD-7

David Hancock for U.S. Congress - Georgia CD-7Our country is in trouble. Our government is driven by politicians we cannot control who are spending at levels we cannot sustain. And because Americans are people who see a problem and ask if they can help, David Hancock is offering himself as a Republican candidate for Congress. Many in the Republican Party have become sidetracked and coerced into compromise to the point that they are willing to accept small incremental gains. Without citizens like David in Congress who are willing to make hard votes, regardless of the consequences, we will follow Europe into collapse. America can save the world again — but we need to get our own house in order first! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Barry Hinckley for U.S. Senate – Rhode Island

Barry Hinckley for U.S. Senate - Rhode IslandBarry Hinckley is morally opposed to the generational theft that is our national debt. He is running for U.S. Senate in Rhode Island with the goal of restoring our great nation’s security and ensuring a prosperous future for our children. The status quo today spells disaster for this nation. Fortunately, changing the status quo is a Hinckley family tradition. As Senator, Barry will declare war on our debts and deficit by eliminating earmarks, cutting all redundant programs, and fighting for a constitutionally-sound Balanced Budget Amendment. In addition, Barry vows to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with health care reform that actually lowers costs and promotes innovation, making cutting edge health care affordable and accessible to more people. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Eric Knowles for U.S. Congress – Maryland CD-3

Eric Knowles for U.S. Congress - Maryland CD-3Eric Knowles believes that as Americans, we all should be Constitutionalists, as this is the form of Government we have been blessed with. Also, given that we have the greatest Constitution written in all of history, one that guarantees our rights and protects them from being taken away by an overreaching and out of control Government, it is in our best interest to protect it with our time, our wealth and our votes. For Eric and for every member who has sworn an oath to God upon entering the military, it is no longer a choice; he believes it is now his duty to uphold and defend not only the document itself, but the ideals that are expressed within it! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Dennis Lamare for U.S. Congress – New Hampshire CD-2

Dennis Lamare for U.S. Congress - New Hampshire CD-2Dennis Lamare shares our concerns of expanding Government, higher taxes, wasteful spending and losing our freedom more and more each day. He shares the same beliefs that everyone is special, that we don’t judge anyone for any reason and we are willing to share what we have to give a hand up, not a hand out. He wants America to be strong, vibrant and the last best hope for Freedom. Dennis Lamare would never vote for the Patriot Act, ANY “super committee”, National Defense Appropriation Act, the “non protest” HR 347, all of which are unconstitutional, illegal and immoral. He believes they deprive us of our natural born Rights and put us in jeopardy of life and liberty. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Thomas Massie for U.S. Congress – Kentucky CD-4

Thomas Massie for U.S. Congress - Kentucky CD-4Thomas Massie is an advocate for a balanced budget amendment, Second Amendment rights, and a strong national defense. He will vote to repeal ObamaCare, fight against burdensome regulations, and oppose tax increases on hardworking Americans. Tom understands the proper role of the federal government and that states possess certain powers on which the federal government may not intrude. America deserves representatives like Thomas Massie who will faithfully uphold and respect the Constitution! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Eli Olson for U.S. Congress – Washington CD-2

Eli Olson for U.S. Congress - Washington CD-2Eli Olson believes it is the responsibility of the people to elect officials who will make securing our borders the top national security priority; avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks; guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act; ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return; revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget; prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency; and stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Bob Parker for U.S. Congress – Missouri CD-8

Bob Parker for U.S. Congress - Missouri CD-8Fiscal responsibility, wise use of our natural resources, limited government, stewardship, pro-life, and property rights are just some of the ideals that shaped Bob Parker’s views of not only how one is to live, but how the government should govern. Bob strongly believes our founders got it right in our founding documents and what has caused so many of our problems are found in the abandonment those ideals of limited government and constitutionally guaranteed God given rights. Bob has always been a fighter and has spoken out strongly against NAIS, out of control government spending, and the socialistic takeover that is happening in America with a President and congress that are violating our rights and working to destroy our health care system as well as our small farmers and ranchers, manufacturing companies, property rights, and our moral foundations. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Wes Riddle for U.S. Congress – Texas CD-25

Wes Riddle for U.S. Congress - Texas CD-25Wes Riddle founded the Central Texas Tea Party and became its chairman. He was also elected state director of the Republican Freedom Coalition (RFC), comprised mostly of disaffected Christian-libertarians and constitutionalist Republicans. Wes believes that we need to toss President Obama out on his ear, along with another batch of tax-and-spend liberal bleeding heart do-gooder socialists, who are destroying our Constitution and our Country! Now of course they say they are “transforming” our country. But it is high time we roll up our sleeves and put a stop to the nonsense! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Art Robinson for U.S. Congress – Oregon CD-4

Art Robinson for U.S. Congress - Oregon CD-4Dr. Art Robinson is an internationally respected scientist and educator, successful businessman, skilled public speaker, and expert on energy, medicine and emergency preparedness. He worked on medical and defense issues during the Reagan administration and on energy issues during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Art’s candidacy is being enthusiastically welcomed by farm and forestry professionals, local businessmen, educators, and grass roots concerned citizens throughout disctrict 4. A successful man of solid integrity, Art will do his best to serve the interests of his country and of Oregon District 4. CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Steve Stockman for U.S. Congress – Texas CD-36

Steve Stockman for U.S. Congress - Texas CD-36Steve Stockman beleives that Americans have rights that no foreign or domestic entity can take away. Those rights are enshrined in our State and national Constitutions. To think that someone — anyone — can wipe away your right to a trial, your right to your firearms, your right to free speech, or any other right by decree is anathema to freedom. Steve will stand up to the EPA, the FDA, even the PTA, to defend them to his last breath! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

Randy Weber for U.S. Congress – Texas CD-14

Randy Weber for U.S. Congress - Texas CD-14Randy Weber is a public servant, a proven conservative, a successful small business owner, a devoted family man and a Christian. Elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2008, Randy has earned an enviable record as a principled conservative who gets results. He was awarded the Courageous Conservative Award by the Texas Conservative Coalition, based on his spirited defense of conservative values and his tireless work ethic to advance and defend conservative principles. He was also the recipient of the TaxpayerÕs Hero Award from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Most importantly, Randy Weber has been endorsed by the retiring Congressman — Ron Paul! CLICK HERE to Donate Now!

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