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Student Penalized for Acknowledging God

RightMarch March 1, 2013

ALERT: High School wrestlers often take a couple of seconds before the match begins, to shake hands, wave at Mom… any number of things. The referees think that’s fine to do.

But Wake Forest-Rolesville (N.C.) High School wrestler Nicholas Fant stopped for a two-second prayer prior to his recent wrestling match. The referee in his match gave him a warning for allegedly “stalling a match”. Fant, a junior wrestler in the 220-pound weight class, arose even before the referee even finished relaying the call.

The warning later contributed to Fant losing a point… and Fant then lost the match.


A high school coach is seeking clarification of a rule which led to a warning for one of his wrestlers after he stopped to pray on the mat prior to his match.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports that junior Nicholas Fant stopped for a two-second prayer before his match against a Cary High School wrestler. Coach Sam Hershey said Fant has prayed before all of his matches this season.

The referee advised the scorer that Fant would get a stalling warning for delaying the match. The decision cost Fant a point.

So let’s get this straight: introducing oneself to the referee, waving to the audience, or wishing one’s opponent good luck, is allowed as matter of course. But taking TWO SECONDS to acknowledge God… gets a PENALTY for “delay of match”???

TAKE ACTION: This is NONSENSE. These “politically-correct” Athletic Association “leaders” must hear from average Americans, across the country. We need to take a STAND against this obvious discrimination against Christians in our public schools!

Contact the leadership of the North Carolina High School Athletics Association here:

    Davis Whitfield, Commissioner: 919-240-7365 / Email: davis@nchsaa.org
    Que Tucker, Deputy Commissioner: 919-240-7375 / Email: que@nchsaa.org
    Stewart Hobbs, Board of Directors President: 336-679-2051 / Email: stewart.hobbs@yadkin.k12.nc.us
    Kathy Spencer, Board of Directors Vice-President: 910-455-2211 / Email: kathy.spencer@onslow.k12.nc.us

Penalizing a public high school athlete, just because he took two seconds to “take a knee” and acknowledge God… it’s a politically-correct TRAVESTY, and Americans need to SPEAK UP about it!

P.S. We always obtain contact information from publicly available sources for our Action Alerts. Please be courteous when you email, call or fax the individuals we list. Thank you!

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