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TAKE ACTION: 7-year-old Suspended for “Playing Hero”

RightMarch February 8, 2013

ALERT: A 2nd grader has been suspended from school in Loveland, Colorado, for a make-believe game he was playing… because he had a make-believe “hand grenade.”


The 7-year-old says he was trying to save the world. But school administrators say he broke a key rule during his pretend play.

“I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended,” says Alex Evans, who doesn’t understand his suspension any better than he can pronounce it.

“It’s called ‘rescue the world,’” he says.

He was playing a game during recess at Loveland’s Mary Blair Elementary School and threw an imaginary grenade into a box with pretend evil forces inside.

“I pretended the box, there’s something shaking in it, and I go ‘pshhh.’”

The boy didn’t throw anything real or make any threats against anyone. He explains he was pretending to be the hero. “So nothing can get out and destroy the world.”

But his imaginary play broke the school’s real rules. The school lists “absolutes” designed to keep a safe environment. The list includes absolutely no fighting, real or imaginary; no weapons, real or imaginary. (Select here to see the Mary Blair “Absolutes”)

This 7-year-old boy, playing the same game most little boys play, “threw the pretend grenade at an imaginary box that had something evil inside. He was going to save the earth this way, and when he threw the grenade he pretended that the box exploded, in apparent success,” reports the Denver Post.

TAKE ACTION: This is NONSENSE. These “politically-correct” public school administrators must hear from average Americans, across the country. We need to take a STAND against the apparent mass insanity that’s spreading around these “protectors” of our children!

Contact the Mary Blair Elementary School principal here and the Thompson School District authorities here:

Valerie Lara-Black, Principal: 970-613-6400
Email: Valerie.lara-black@thompsonschools.org

Sharon Olson, School Board President: 970-669-3297
Email: sharon.olson@thompsonschools.org

Janice Marchman, Vice President: 970-690-1747
Email: janice.marchman@thompsonschools.org

Dr. Stan Scheer, Superintendent: 970-613-5013
Email: stan.scheer@thompsonschools.org

Thompson School District: 970-613-5000
Email: info@thompsonschools.org

Suspending a little boy from school for playing “save the world” with ONLY his IMAGINATION… it’s a politically-correct TRAVESTY, and Americans need to SPEAK UP about it!

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