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New Tax Codes Causing Delays In Filing 2012 Returns

RightMarch February 22, 2013

Steve Large at CBS Sacramento reports:

Fallout from the fiscal cliff is causing troubles for tax preparers, which means it could take longer to get your tax return this year.

When Jim Rogers starts his day at work, exciting is not what he’s expecting. For 40 years, he has worked as an accountant filing taxes for other people.

“This is the worst year I’ve ever had,” said Rogers.

This year hasn’t only been boring, but it’s been brutally frustrating.

“I have not, since the first of February, gotten anything accomplished,” he said. “Everything has been in a holding pattern for some reason.”

He has 100 clients, but says so far he hasn’t been able to file one return. So what does this mean leading up to April 15?

“It means I’m going to be working many more hours than I had planned to,” Rogers said.

Rogers has plenty of companies dealing with 2012′s tax code confusion that was caused by Congress. The New Year’s Day fiscal cliff vote that reworked tax codes created such an IRS paperwork problem that there are still dozens of forms not even available yet, including federal forms for general business credits, mortgage interest credits and energy efficient home credits.

Tax software companies are being forced to play catch-up as well. The program Rogers uses for California’s tax forms still isn’t available.

“It’s been frustrating,” he said.

With all the problems plaguing the start of tax season, one would think such a big delay would grant an extended deadline, but with even less time to file, the taxpayer deadline will stick to April 15.

Because of the late tax code changes the IRS has delayed the start of filing season. It typically begins January 15 but was moved it to January 30.


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