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Mother told to abort her baby with ‘no chance’ of survival – now he’s home

RightMarch February 17, 2013

The UK Daily Mail reports:

A mother who was told by doctors that her unborn son was so ill she should have an abortion is celebrating after her baby boy has made a miracle recovery – and come home from hospital for the first time.

Jade Clarke ignored doctors who told her that her baby had ‘no chance’ of survival, and refused to terminate her pregnancy.

Riley was born with his heart on the wrong side of his body, disconnected valves, and twisted bowels – and Jade was assigned a bereavement midwife.

But after more than a year of medics battling to save baby Riley, the 17-month-old tot has finally left hospital for good – and has gone home to live with Jade and dad Rikki for the first time.

Jade and Rikki, 25, were told repeatedly by doctors that Riley ‘had no chance’.

But the problems they forecast did not materialise, although Riley was kept in hospital for several weeks after his birth in September 2011 and had to be returned there in December 2011, where he has stayed until being allowed home on Wednesday.

Jade was even given a bereavement midwife after the birth, but little Riley was a fighter.

He still has a number of health problems and his airways are kept clear with a tracheostomy attached to a ventilator, which he had to use all the time.

One of his kidneys has also not properly formed and is inside his abdomen. It has to be checked every fortnight because it can stop and start working at any time.

Jade said she it was heartbreaking watching her friends with their own children, knowing that Riley was still in hospital.

She and Rikki, who are both full time carers for Riley, are looking forward to spending more time with their little boy.

They were told Riley might never walk but Jade said they constantly have to keep an eye on him as he can crawl and tries to stand up.

She added: ‘He’s such a happy chappy. He loves Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and is always bouncing about.

‘He needs watching constantly as sometimes he tries to pull out his tubes. It’s challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘I look past the tracheostomy now, I don’t see it any more. If it wasn’t there, you would never know.’


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