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Cop circles lone women in the desert with a helicopter at a cost of $1,000 and refuses to say why

RightMarch February 10, 2013

The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

A police helicopter ‘harassed California woman by circling her car several times before the officer landed and searched her, allegedly without cause, a new video reveals.

Tiffany Jones, 33, filmed the entire incident in San Bernardino County, California, narrating over footage of the helicopter overhead.

She said it made several low passes to ‘scare’ her before the pilot eventually landed.

Critics say the video reveals a clear case of police harassment and a waste of police manpower – costing up to $1,000.

The incident happened on January 24, well before the manhunt for Christopher Dorner spurred police searches across the state.

An unidentified deputy from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office then approaches her, asking her name and for her purpose in the area.

‘Just exploring and picking up rocks,’ she tells him.

He then calls in her name and date of birth over the radio explaining to her only that ‘We’re investigating something right now.’

After police headquarters responds to his background check, he asks if Jones has any weapons.

‘Don’t put your hands in your pockets,’ he says and then begins to search her.

As he goes through her belongings, the woman repeatedly repeats that she does not consent to a search but he ignores her and continues.

‘I know you’re doing your job but I don’t consent to a search,’ she says as he dismisses her and inspects her belongings.

‘That’s fine, that’s fine,’ he says as he inspects her.

After finding no reason to detain her and nothing illegal in her possession, the officer finally goes back to her helicopter telling her to ‘have a good one.’

Commenting at InfoWars, writer Paul Joseph Watson speculates that it costs ‘well $2,000 dollars an hour to fuel a police helicopter. The video footage lasts ten minutes, and even after the cop lands the chopper, he keeps the rotator blades switched on during the entire incident.’ He calls the footage a waste of law enforcement resources for no reason other than harassment and violation of the woman’s fourth amendment rights.


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