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TAKE ACTION: Teacher Fired for Giving Student Bible

RightMarch January 15, 2013

ALERT: A longtime substitute teacher in Phillipsburg, NJ, has been fired after he shared a Bible verse with a student — and upon request gave the child a Bible.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Check out this report from Fox News:

The Phillipsburg School Board voted Monday night to terminate the employment of Walter Tutka. He was accused of breaking two policies – distributing religious literature on school grounds and another policy that directs teachers to be neutral when discussing religious material…

Tutka’s trouble started in October when he was standing by a door waiting on middle school students to enter the building. One student trailed behind the rest. “Just remember, son,” Tutka told the tardy student, “The first shall be last but the last shall be first.” A few days later the student asked about the origins of the quote. Tutka told him it was in the Bible. “Over the next few weeks, the young student asked about a half dozen times where the quote was from in the Bible,” [Joe] Imhof [a close friend of Tutka] told Fox News. “Walt kept forgetting to look it up.”

On Oct. 12th, Tutka was eating lunch in the cafeteria when the student approached and brought up the Bible verse. So Tutka took out his Bible and showed the student the verse. At some point the student mentioned that he did not have a Bible. “Walt basically said, ‘would you like mine?” Imhof said. “The student said yes and so Walt gave him his personal New Testament.”

As Tutka’s pastor, Chris Hussey, said, “Christianity is under attack in America. It seems our government officials are afraid of Muslims and yet they capitulate to them and any other religious group. But when it comes to Christians — they are completely intolerant of Christians.”

TAKE ACTION: These INTOLERANT public school board members must hear from average Americans, across the country. We need to STAND UP for Walter Tutka and other teachers just like him, who are willing to STAND UP for what they believe!

Contact the Phillipsburg School District here:

Email: webmaster@pburgsd.net
George M. Chando, Superintendent: 908-213-2500
Marian L. Trapani, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent: 908-213-2400
William A. Bauer, Board of Education Secretary: 908-213-2600
Kevin J. DeGerolamo, Board of Education President: 908-213-9336
Thomas McGuire, Board of Education Vice-President: 908-859-1194

Firing a public school teacher for answering a student’s repeated question and then giving that student a Bible when they were not in class… it’s a TRAVESTY, and Americans need to SPEAK UP about it!

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