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TAKE ACTION: Military Hero Arrested Unjustly

RightMarch January 31, 2013

ALERT: Once again, liberal members of the media elite are allowed to get away with being complete hypocrites, pushing their anti-Second Amendment agenda while breaking the very same “gun control” laws they want the rest of us to live under.

Meanwhile, honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizens — including veterans and war heroes — get arrested for exercising their Constitutional rights!

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Check out this report from Michael Haddad, that hero’s brother:

“My brother, Nathan Haddad, is not only a decorated combat veteran, but models the character qualities that make him the kind of man who goes out of his way to help his fellow man and other veterans [see news report here]. He would not knowingly do anything against the law, compromise his faith and deeply rooted principles, or jeopardize his rights guaranteed by our Constitution. On Sunday January 6th he was arrested for possession of five, 30 round empty magazines that he believed were pre-ban magazines when he purchased them. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C, David Gregory of NBC news doesnít even get a slap on the hand for a similar offense when he held up one on National TV during a newscast. My brother was medically discharged after 12 years of service and does not have the funds necessary needed for Attorney fees, and unless he has adequate defense and gets his charges reduced, he is not going to get the same treatment that David Gregory, a rich, white, liberal, media mogul got. This is a travesty! Please, anybody and everybody, would you be willing to donate to our fund to help support my brother? Below are some additional websites that will attest to the reason why my brother is deserving of your help. Thank you very much!”

Michael has set up a legal fund for his brother — but they’re a long way from reaching their goal of $100,000 to defend against these outrageous charges.

TAKE ACTION: You probably heard about New York Governor Cuomo’s strict anti-Second Amendment laws he just pushed through. Well, THIS is the result: the prosecution of decorated veterans instead of going after real criminals.

We must not stand by and do nothing, while heroic veterans like Sgt. Nathan Haddad are unjustly treated like they are the criminals. He needs to hear from average Americans, across the country. We need to STAND UP for gun owners, the Second Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution!

Donate any amount you can, and leave a message for Sgt. Haddad here:


Treating Constitution-abiding veterans like criminals is an OUTRAGE, and Americans need to SPEAK UP about it!

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