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TAKE ACTION: Groupon Opposes 2nd Amendment

RightMarch January 24, 2013

ALERT: A Texas gun shop owner says his contract with Groupon, the popular deal-of-the-day website that offers discounted gift certificates on behalf of local businesses, was abruptly terminated last week, after Groupon founder and CEO Andrew Mason decided the company would no longer associate with any business related to firearms.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Check out this report from AOL Daily Finance:

A Texas gun shop proprietor is calling for a boycott of Groupon after the coupon site canceled his deal for a concealed-handgun training course.

Michael Cargill, the owner of Austin’s Central Texas Gun Works, told us that he kicked off the deal on Tuesday and that it was intended to terminate Saturday night or when 600 people purchased it, whichever came first. He adds that due to runaway demand, his Groupon representative called the next day to increase the purchase limit to 1,500 buyers. But on Friday morning, the rep called again with bad news.

“He said the CEO of the company decided that he’s not going to do any more gun-related deals,” recounts Cargill, whom we profiled on Aol Jobs last week as part of our Guns in America series.

Groupon confirmed that gun deals have been put on hold until further notice, though it did not provide any insight on the role that CEO Andrew Mason played in canceling the deal.

“All scheduled and current gun-related deals featured on Groupon North America, including shooting ranges, conceal-and-carry and clay shooting, have been placed on hiatus while we review internal standards that shape the deal inventory we feature,” said Groupon spokeswoman Julie Mossler in an emailed statement. “The category is under review following recent consumer and merchant feedback.”

We agree with Cargill: we’re astounded that Groupon executives might object to promoting the Texas concealed handgun course — a course designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and mandated by state law for anyone wishing to obtain a Texas concealed handgun license. Like Cargill asked, “What reasonable person could have a problem with gun owners choosing to undergo safety training and proficiency testing? It’s as if the people at Groupon equate anyone who believes in the Second Amendment with the armed monsters who occasionally make headlines.”

TAKE ACTION: Well, people who believe in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution aren’t “monsters” — we’re law-abiding Americans, and we can speak up with our mouths and our wallets. Cargill is now leading efforts to BOYCOTT GROUPON, “calling on every American who believes in the right of safe, lawful gun ownership to join me in refusing to hand over even one cent to an organization that clearly has no respect for those of us who — whether for recreation or personal protection — choose to exercise a constitutional right.”

But we should do even more. This INTOLERANT business must hear from average Americans, across the country. We need to STAND UP for gun owners, the Second Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution!

Contact Groupon here:

Customer Support: https://www.groupon.com/support
Investor Relations: http://investor.groupon.com/contactus.cfm
Email: support@groupon.com
Corporate Office: 312-784-2366
Customer Service: 877-788-7858
Customer Help Center: 888-375-5777

Discriminating against law-abiding, Constitution-following, legal gun owning businesses is an OUTRAGE, and Americans need to SPEAK UP about it!

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