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NC Residents Urge Local Officials to Say NO to Obamacare

RightMarch January 8, 2013

Lori Bardsley at SarahNET reports:

On opening day of the North Carolina General Assembly from Noon to 4PM, North Carolina conservatives, libertarians, and others seeking government accountability will gather together to remind the incoming General Assembly to honor the Oath they have just sworn.

The January 9th, 2013 rally will be held at Halifax Mall in Raleigh, NC, where North Carolina residents along with the group Coalition for Accountability North Carolina, will call on Governor Pat McCrory and other local leaders to make North Carolina the next state to reject the implementation of Obamacare.
Confirmed speakers so far include Rep. Walter Jones, Dr. Greg Brannon, Rep. Michael Speciale, Rep. Larry Pittman, and Sen. Rabin.
North Carolina residents are supporting this effort through phone calls, social media, and letters to local officials, holding them-accountable to the principles on which they were elected, to protect the state of North Carolina from federal intrusiveness.
Lori Bardsley, Communications Director for Coalition for Accountability North Carolina, said “We made history in November by helping put into office a new conservative Governor, Lt. Governor, and a Republican super-majority in the legislature. We have new Republican legislators from districts who haven’t elected a Republican in 100 years. Much of this success is thanks to the grassroots teams who put everything they had into restoring North Carolina. It is now time to help our representatives implement American principles, and our first and most critical issue is Obamacare. There is still time for our new Governor Pat McCrory to opt out of the setting up of health care exchanges in North Carolina.”
More information on the January 9th rally, click here.


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