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Martin Luther King Jr. would be pro-life, niece says

RightMarch January 21, 2013

Victor Medina at the Examiner reports:

As America recognizes the birthday of Martin Luther King, his niece says the civil rights icon would be a supporter of the pro-life movement, according to statements published yesterday by LifeNews.com.

Dr. Alveda King is one of the nation’s leading African American pro-life advocates, and has worked with both Priests for Life and Silent No More on behalf of the unborn. She is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Her father, Rev. A.D. William King Sr., was a prominent civil rights activist with his brother Martin, and served as co-pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church after his brother’s death.

“I know in my heart that if Uncle Martin were alive today, he would join with me in the greatest civil rights struggle of this generation – the recognition of the unborn child’s basic right to life,” she said. “We cannot claim to guarantee equal rights if we deny the rights of the helpless. And we cannot feign ignorance of the fact that those who are torn apart, crushed, or left to die on an abortionist’s table are just as human as we are.”

Alveda pro-life stance comes from her own devastating experience with abortion. “I had two abortions and a miscarriage related to damage from those abortions,” she said. “I realized that I was violating the civil rights of a person. When I had my abortions, we were told that it was a blob of tissue and not a person.”

Even as the new ObamaCare law (which has provisions that cover abortions) ignites debate over the issue once again, King sees it as a moral issues first and foremost. “Abortion is genocide. It’s killing populations,” she said. “It’s killing generations and certainly the population that is most impacted by abortion in America is the black community. So I feel that as a civil rights leader I have responsibility to proclaim that black Americans are being exterminated by the genocidal acts of abortion.

“The great irony is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of… Roughly one quarter of the black population is now missing,” she added.

Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 84 on January 15. His birthday, now a national holiday, will be celebrated on Monday. January 22, 2013 also marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion. President Ronald Reagan marked the occasion beginning in 1984 by proclaiming it National Sanctity of Human Life Day. President George Bush and President George W. Bush also recognized it during their administrations, but President Bill Clinton did not. President Barack Obama also does not recognize the day.

For his second inauguration later this month, President Obama will place his hand on a Bible owned by Martin Luther King Jr. when he takes the oath of office.


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