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Bob Menendez: Another topic other media outlets won’t report

RightMarch January 31, 2013

Mark Hyman reports:

Last Spring, Secret Service agents on official travel to Colombia hired prostitutes. The scandal broke when one agent didn’t pay his prostitute the agreed amount.

In a televised interview, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez denounced the agents’ behavior.

“If the facts are true, they should all be fired.” [Menendez speaking in a televised interview (here).]

But days earlier Menendez reportedly did the exact same thing.  Except he hired two prostitutes.  Failed to pay them the agreed amount of money. And they were underage.  Also in a foreign country.  The Dominican Republic.

It’s a federal crime to travel to a foreign country to have sex with children.

Menendez went to and from the island nation on the private jet of a campaign donor. But we can’t find this reported anywhere in his mandatory ethics and campaign filings as required by law and Senate rules.

It gets worse.  He was booked to appear Sunday on ABC’s This Week with Martha Raddatz.  Then the news broke he’s under investigation by the FBI for using underage prostitutes.

[Documents attesting to Menendez frequenting prostitutes as young as 16 years are here.]

In most cases, someone would cancel their TV appearance.  Menendez didn’t.  Apparently he was confident his scandal wouldn’t be raised.

An honest journalist wouldn’t allow this exclusive opportunity to pass without asking him about it.

However, Raddatz never questioned Menendez about the biggest scandal of his career.  [The video of the entire interview is here.]

[Reportedly, ABC News was given detailed information regarding Menendez's use of underage prostitutes as early as May 2, 2012 but apparently sat on the story as it never revealed the scandal to its viewers.]


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