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Media blackout: Illegal immigrant kills family members, wounds baby and police officer

RightMarch December 26, 2012

Dave Gibson at The Examiner reports:

Only a day after the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School, another mad man went on a shooting spree, again armed with a so-called assault rifle (AK-47) and one of his victims was a child.

However, unlike the Connecticut shooting, this one has been completely ignored by the national media.

The shooting took place at a trailer park in Heflin, Ala., and left the shooter’s three brothers dead. Those men were identified as Lorenzo Moya, 36; Miguel Moya, 23; and Ismael Moya, 17.

The shooter, Romero Roberto Moya, 33, also shot his 19-month-old son as well as a police officer, according to police.

Both of those victims required extensive surgery and are expected to make a full recovery.

Following the shootings, Moya led police on a 25-mile chase and was eventually was shot to death.

So, why has the press ignored this story?

Moya was a previously deported illegal alien.

In June 2011, Moya pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking and spent less than a year in prison for the charge.

In March 2012, he was released into the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and deported to Mexico on April 5, according to ICE.

Det. Dennis Green with the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office, reports that Moya’s wife claimed he made his way back to Alabama about four months ago..only four months after his deportation.

Of course, this case is a clear demonstration of just how meaningless deportations are with an unprotected border.

This tragedy also demonstrates that President Obama’s policies of appeasement toward illegal aliens is placing Americans at grave risk.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream press is not anxious to tell this ‘narrative.’


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  1. “Not surprisingly, the mainstream press is not anxious to tell this ‘narrative.’”

    Of course not. This square story about an illegal alien on a killing spree just doesn’t fit the round hole of their agenda to disarm law abiding Americans. Obama and Janet Planet have assured us that the border is “more secure than it has ever been”. One has to wonder how a cocaine dealing illegal alien murderer could possibly get by the steely eyed head of the DHS. I am not a conspiracy theorist BUT, I truly believe that our federal governments refusal to enforce our immigration laws is how they plan to foist the North American Union upon a country that does not want it.

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